Demo Exercises


Dancing virgins and Maple syrup

Level A 15 min

Thousands of young virgins perform Swaziland's annual reed dance. They sing and dance together as they deliver the reed, or umhlanga, to the royal residence. For the next eight days, up to 80,000 young maidens dressed in brightly coloured clothing will perform before the king and queen mother....


Prehistoric insects, space music and koalas

Level B 15 min

It sounds like a tall story - but the footage doesn't lie. A koala swims to a group of canoeists in Australia and hitches a ride. These marsupials don't normally swim...


Movie News

Level C 15 min

The "Expendables 2" dropped to the No. 3 spot after spending two weeks leading the North American charts. The movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other 1980s tough guys as a group of spies sent on an easy mission that turns dangerous....


An interview with a CEO

Business 15 min

It used to be a thoroughly European experience - hedonism the French way. But now Club Med is aiming to capture the Chinese market as tourism booms in the world's number two economy. Nearly 39 million mainlanders traveled overseas in the first half of this year alone....